Infant throws= 1 yard fleece

Child throws= 1 1/2 yards fleece

Adult throws= 2 yards fleece

Other materials needed are sharp scissors, masking tape and ruler or yardstick

For Child throw begin with 1 1/2 yards fleece.  The two selvage edges of the fleece will need to be trimmed to be straight. Those two are the ones that were not cut to establish the 1 1/2 yard length of the fabric.   (one is wavy, crumpled and the other has a white band where the pattern stops)  Trim off the white band and trim the wavy, crumpled edge to make it straight)

Next, cut off a 4" square out of each corner.  Measure the first square with a ruler and use that square as a pattern to measure out the other three corners.

Use the ruler again to place masking tape in a strip along each edge, 4" from the edge.  You can use a pen to measure 1" marks along that strip of tape.  These will show you where to cut the edges.  Cut all four edges up to the tape to make 1" strips. 

Watching the first 6 minutes of the first video below will show you the technique described above; then go to the second video shown below to see an easier way of finishing the edges.